About us

Cattery "SIDRABUS" is in the Latvian association of cat fanciers association "Mooncat" from 2012, and registered in the World Cat Federation (WCF). We are the first Thai cat cattery in Latvia.

Our cattery goal is to grow appropriate variety standard, healthy Thai cats. For our breeding work we are using cats with blue features (blue point) and violet features (lilac point).

Kittens can go to their new owners not faster than 12 weeks of age, they have been vaccinated according to age. Kitten veterinary passport with an indication of a microchip, vaccination and dehelminization.

Kitten is included in the stud-book and WCF system in Latvian Cat Fanciers association "Mooncat" (Riga, Latvia).

Kitten is accustomed to closed cat toilet, a stand - nail sharpener, they are socialized kittens and they are playing with children and adults.

Remember that you can always ask the breeder for advice and assistance.

Breeding work using cats with blue features (blue point) and features violet (lilac point).

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